Editorial Policy and ‘Rules of the Road’

I will be someplace between a benevolent dictator and a raging fascist in the operation of this blog. I reserve the right to completely delete any entry or comment, without notice or comment. I believe in free speech, healthy debate, and a wide diversity of opinion; however, if there is unwarranted personal attack (of anybody, not just me), valueless hateful invective, spam, bigotry, or other prima-facie evidence of utter lack of intelligence and/or humanity, out it goes. No appeal. Hey, I’m paying for the storage and bandwidth. Besides, it’s my blog; you want your own blog’o’junque, find a host and have a good time.

Spelling and grammar mistakes, and just run-of-the-mill stupidity, I’ll leave in place – as either an example to others of what to avoid, or as an opportunity to childishly point and laugh.

You have been warned.

2 Responses to “Editorial Policy and ‘Rules of the Road’”

  1. mad ivan says:

    Neener, neener! And you have been commented, baby!

  2. Coupedefleur says:

    I would have commented, but I got an error the first time.